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Hot TOP 5 Winners

A busy weekend has come and gone, and once again, we are ready to announce the glorious winners of the TOP contests on Razdetka! Their breathtaking shows were viral last week, so today, these gorgeous models are rightfully receiving a coveted Queen of Queens title!

OgonEchEKKK | Queen of Queens International Contest



RachaelRay69 | Queen of Queens North America and Western Europe



LucyRouse | Queen of Queens Latin America



marsandvenera | TOP 50 couples



Annatomnaya | TOP 10 men and transgenders



Check out the weekly leaders’ chat rooms to catch hot streams and fiery fun! Don’t waste time – meet, chat, and stay tuned to the TOP 100 results! Who is going to take the first places in our ranking? Let’s find it out in a week!


New! 😍 Quick reactions to messages!

Dear members!


Here’s another long-awaited update! ❤️


Now you can send quick reactions to messages!


This new option allows you to instantly respond with emojis to messages from models and other members in private conversations!


You can send a reaction using absolutely any Razdetka emoji available – no restrictions! 💯


Set quick reactions in just a couple of clicks:

💻 Desktop version – click the "⋮" icon next to the message

📱 Mobile version – just tap the message and select an emoji


Send instant reactions – make your chats even more vibrant and emotional! 🔥


Read more about other Razdetka updates on our blog in the "Updates" section.


NB! Reactions to messages are available only for members with GOLD status and above.



Leaders of the Week!

The first winter days on Razdetka turned out to be especially hot! Limitless fun and lots of fiery shows brought incredible pleasure to everyone! Now it’s time to sum up the results of our TOP contests and reveal the most popular models of last week who took the first places!

MaxineDi | Queen of Queens International Contest



-ivy- | Queen of Queens North America and Western Europe



britt-grey | Queen of Queens Latin America



Tenderpassion | TOP 50 couples



4epTeHok- | TOP 10 men and transgenders



The Queen of Queens title is a sign of absolute recognition and audience love! We are delighted by these incredible winners and invite everyone to enjoy their gorgeous shows! Hurry up and check out the chat rooms of the best models of the week. Make sure to congratulate them on their brilliant success!


New Queen of Queens of the Week

Happy Monday! We are ready to present the magnificent leaders of our TOP Razdetka contests! Do you want to know which beautiful models exceeded all expectations, reaching the top five winners based on the past week's results? Then, let’s reveal the charming Queens of Queens!

Kassablanca | International Queen Of Queens



-ivy- | North America & Western Europe’s Queen Of Queens



JulieBelle | Latin American Queen Of Queens



babes_07 | Couples’ Top 50



Mistress_HUGECOCK | Guys & Trans’ Top 10



Fiery, bright, and incredibly seductive – just a few words to describe our winners! We invite you to join their chat rooms and congratulate them on their amazing success! Share the most joyful emotions and enjoy new sensual shows!


Last day of the CYBER MONDAY 2023 SALE! 🤖 Discounts on all Token packages up to -15% off! 🔥

Dear members!

📢 The biggest sale of the year is coming to an end – CYBER MONDAY 2023!

You still have one last chance to take advantage of this unique DISCOUNT of up to -15% off all Token packages! 💥

📅 Only TODAY, November 27
🤑 UNLIMITED discount offers!

Hurry to buy Tokens at the best prices and enjoy chatting with your favorite models! 🤩



BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY! 🖤 ​​ Up to -15% DISCOUNT on ALL Token packages!

Dear members!

The two hugest sales of the year are approaching with incredible discounts on Tokens!

🔲 November 24 – BLACK FRIDAY
🔳 November 27 – CYBER MONDAY

Only on these TWO days will you find DISCOUNTS up to -15% on absolutely ALL Token packages!

Don't miss out on the year's best deals – purchase Tokens on sales days and enjoy chatting with your favorite models!

The number of discount packages is unlimited!

💎 Members with Platinum status and above will have access to discounts 24 hours earlier!


The Best Models on Razdetka

Every Monday, we can’t wait to announce the results of our famous TOP contests! Finally, it’s time to present you with five winners whose impressive shows attracted the most attention from viewers! Let's see who will be named the top models of Razdetka this week!

MalinaBo0m | Queen of Queens International Contest



SweetGattina | Queen of Queens North America and Western Europe



FurElisse | Queen of Queens Latin America



BlackLexi | TOP 50 couples



Arsenimen | TOP 10 men and transgenders


Amazing victory and brilliant results! Join the chat rooms of the outstanding Queen of Queens winners to express your admiration! They will certainly delight you with their new breathtaking shows, making this day even brighter and more memorable!


Incomparable leaders of the TOP competitions

Happy Monday! It's time to welcome the most popular models on our site based on last week's results! We're sure you had fun in their chat rooms and created wonderful memories with them. Let’s discover who took first place in the Razdetka TOP contests!

TudaaSudaa| Queen of Queens International Contest



SweetGattina | Queen of Queens North America and Western Europe



LarisaMaia | Queen of Queens Latin America



In_Black | TOP 50 couples



Anitha_Linda | TOP 10 men and transgenders


Congratulations to the Queen of Queens on this stunning victory, and we wish all the models the same amazing success next week! Enjoy limitless chatting on Razdetka and stay in a great mood!


Update! 🎞️ 5 NEW VIDEOS have been added to your collection!

Dear members!


We are happy to share great news with you!


5 new videos featuring top models on Razdetka have been added to the "My Clips" section, and you can watch them for absolutely FREE! 🎬🍿


And don’t forget that you can purchase videos from any model on Razdetka!


How to purchase a video?

📹 Go to the model's profile and select the video you like.
💸 Buy the video for the Token price set by the model and enjoy watching!


All purchased videos are automatically saved in the "My Clips" section, where you can watch them any time you want! 

Buy explicit model videos and expand your clips collection on Razdetka! 🎞️


Winners of the Queen of Queens Contests

Dear friends, it’s time to reveal the results of the Queen of Queens contests! We know you’re eager to find out which models reached the TOP of popularity last week! So, let's take a quick look at the winners!

Taanni | Queen of Queens International Contest



RachaelRay69 | Queen of Queens North America and Western Europe



MelyTaylor | Queen of Queens Latin America



OBAYASHA | TOP 50 couples



Arsenimen | TOP 10 men and transgenders



It’s always inspiring and uplifting to see models reach new achievements! These lovely Queens are already waiting for you in their chat rooms, ready to celebrate their success with you! Don't delay this pleasant moment – join the fun and watch shows put on by the best models!

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